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Selected Essays

Read from a variety of informational and inspirational essays below.

Agree with God

President Lincoln's Favorite Poem

Quote from Einstein

The Addicted Brain

The Covenant Prayer

The Imitation of Christ

Third Step - Decision

A Quote From Tozer

Taking Revenge

Overcoming Self

Portrait of Charles Spurgeon

Charles Spurgeon

Fear Not

You're Loved

st francis of assisi

St. Francis of Assisi Prayer

Portrait of Oswald Chambers

Oswald Chambers

Paul the Apostle

Paul's Four Faithful Sayings

Harvest Field Prayer

Hands in prayer resting on Bible

Carnal Nature

Young woman praying

Prayer of Surrender

Person meditating


Hands folded for prayer

Free Yourself of Pride

Christian church

Temple of God

The Salvation Message

How to Confess

False Prophets

The Narrow Way

Understanding Humility

Happiness Defined

Overcome Temptations

Living the High Life with Christ