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Daily Reflections

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Braman Foundation of Charities is pleased to offer to you a “Daily Reflection” for every day of the year. It is vital to use a strong, spiritual based, Christ centered reading to help start your devotion or to end your devotion.

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Favorite Scriptures & Prayers

Braman Foundation of Charities has collected and discovered Promises and Commands from our Lord through scripture for decades. Additionally, we know there are prayers that have been written throughout the bible to give us both guidance and comfort. This collection, when reflected on will give deep direction, comfort, and joy.

Understanding the Holy Spirit

Spend time memorizing scriptures, so as they come to you, or circumstance warrant, you can simply “come back” to them, so to speak in your mind. Enjoy this work and pass it on! Mainly grow in your understanding and commitment to practice the presence of the Holy Spirit.

An Understanding of Devotion, Confession, Self Reflection & Repentance

This short essay is to help the believer with tools to bring him or her into a deeper relationship with Christ. Simply, to the point, and to testify in truth and the word of God. Progress into a relationship with Christ that is the single most important relationship in your life. He will never leave you, nor forsake you.

Biblical Studies

Welcome to Biblical Studies. This is a bi-monthly study produced through the power of the Holy Spirit for you. At Braman Foundation of Charities we firmly believe in studying the Lord’s word. Therefore Braman Foundation of Charities will offer a topic to be studied in its resources.

Braman Institute of Higher Learning

Living the Interior Life, Health and Restoration from Addiction, Overcoming Materialism, to include a well ordered Christ centered life that will provide an environment in which the individual can become whole, healed, and able to function well throughout society.

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Discipleship Magazine

Browse the latest edition of Discipleship Magazine, filled with information about the Braman Foundation of Charities and the progress being made through various Programs and Missions.

Revive Magazine

View the latest edition of Revive Magazine, filled with articles and information about the Braman Foundation of Charities and the progress being made through various Programs and Missions.

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Rev. Richard Braman, born on August 1929, wrote and delivered over 360 sermons in which this volume contains the beginning of his preaching and writing. Although, not born to a particularly spiritually or religious family, he wrote in his memoirs of a calling to serve the Lord at an early age of 18.

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Ongoing Mission Work & Travel Retreats

A time to get away from your worldly concourse, to get refreshed, to become quiet and reflect on your life. We feel you will enjoy this retreat as it is not at all commercialized. A completely natural environment that you can enjoy, admire and be at peace.

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    Behind the Walls

    Behind The Walls In 1985, Braman began to witness his recovery from addiction in the New York State Correctional Facilities. Braman has presented programs since that time in many facilities including: Greenhaven, Fishkill, Downstate, Summit, and several local and county jails. It is a thorough program using the 12 step method of recovery, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Meditation techniques as well as a program for dealing with violent behavior. In addition, our program helps to provide clarification concerning the negative learned behavior that unfortunately comes out of some families.


    The Life-Line is a continuation of Braman Foundation of Charities. This program, when instituted, will enable any individual being released from a facility the opportunity to be united with a home church and a contact person in their home area. In addition, we will offer a mentoring program.

    Behind the Walls Series Informational Brochures