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Braman Institute of Higher Learning

About the Braman Institute of Higher Learning

What is the Braman Institute of Higher Learning?

It is a program designed within Braman Foundation of Charities (BFC), leading men and women to live a life that is free from restrictive tendencies and behavior disorder due to: mental illness, addictive tendencies, generating strong holds of sin, deep rooted defeated thinking processes that have led thousands of souls to live an incarcerated lifestyle, institutionalism and deep bondage.

Braman Institute of Higher Learning Through Its Programs

Living the Interior Life, Health and Restoration from Addiction, Overcoming Sexual Addiction, Overcoming Materialism, to include a well ordered Christ centered life that will provide an environment in which the individual can become whole, healed, and able to function well throughout society.

B.I.H.L will allow the individual to live in its facility free of cost. B.I.H.L will implement a plan for the individual that may include, but is not limited to, the following: an in patient clinic, work with an outpatient clinic, work with local psychologist, implementation of a treatment plan, teach basic discipleship, and implement a physical exercise and nutrition plan. B.I.H.L may employ tutors to engage in reading instructions. A goal may be for the individual to obtain a high school equivalency and advance into higher education. In some of its plan B.I.H.L will teach the individual vocational training. In many cases, B.I.H.L will interact with legal issues on behalf of the individual.

The goal is simply to allow natural processes to occur by providing a stress free atmosphere in which the suffering individual can hear and implement safeguards that allow him or her to become a useful member of society. We would define wholeness or usefulness as the ability to earn a living without government subsidy, to live a drug and alcohol free existence, to be able to sustain a home, to engage in marriage, and to abide by all laws that are required to live a well balanced life.