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South Sudan Conference: November 2020


Braman Foundation of Charities -South Sudan (BFC-SS) in partnership with the churches in South Sudan through supporting conferences for teaching the Sunday school teachers to be knowledgeable in scriptures and skillfully on how to handling children in their churches and how to apply the skills they have acquired from the training.

This was the third training conducted here Juba which has brought same Sunday school teachers who had been train last year 2019 in Nile Beach Hotel. The training was focused on how teacher should humble himself in the level of a child to have same attitudes of understanding to win the mind of a child, to understand the message of salvation.

The conference was commenced on same schedule times and schedule date 11-13 Nov 2020 in Aron International Hotel and it run for three days consecutively. The participants where 17 Sunday school teachers plus two facilitators and organizer, it come into total of twenty peoples who participated effectively in the conference.

The participants were very happier indeed due resumption of the training and they appreciated the leadership of Braman Foundation of Charities for considerate to conducted refreshment training on revising the previous topics whom they covered in the previous training, which they have attended in Nile Beach Hotel under supervision of our lovely brother the president of BFC Peter Braman.

Next Planning

The sixteen churches who partnership with BFC here in Juba has been scattered all over Juba town and they developed deep interests on Sunday school teachers’ programs, because they founded it was helpful in their churches on building up the children in some maturity ways to change their mindset to believes in Jesus Christ. The next planning is to conduct youth evangelism conference, church leader discipleship training, women mission and evangelism seminary. The next year we need expanding the BFC programs in all ten states of South Sudan where majority of churches are, and our aims is to empower the Sunday school teachers and church leaders to understand the children ministry is very important in the local church and the community as well. The purpose of ministry is for transforming human lives into betterment, which reflecting Christ attitudes toward changing the mindset of person to know Christ personally and reunited with Christ.


During the conference food was provided by Aron International Hotel were we conducted the conference in Aron International Hotel. There was no accommodation for participants and facilitators, everyone sleeps at home and in the morning they come to venue of conference. Everyday each participant provided money for the Abodboda take him/her back home.

I hope the attach documents will tell you more about what we have done. The total amount we have used during the conference is 150,000 SSP which equivalent $300 and money for the dinner were used for paid facilitators, scanning, internet, transport and sending of report.

Sunday School Teachers Conference

The conference commenced on time, on the 11-13 November 2020 and it last for three consecutive days. I led a devotion session then introduced BFC, programs, and plans to14 participants and the next two days had 17 participants. The CEF facilitators began shared the theme of the Conference was “Evangelizing Children”.

The objective of the conference was to give teachers introductory skills and tools to enable them to evangelize children effectively. The topics covered include:

1. Introduction to Child Evangelism Fellowship
2. The Final Authority (Why Evangelize Children)
3. Foundations for Life (Memory Verses)
4. Use of Visual Aids in Teaching
5. 1-2-3 Jesus Loves Me (Presenting the Message Of Salvation to Children)
6. Memory Verse preparation and presentation
7. Classroom Management
8. Drawing in the Net (Salvation Invitation)
9. Message of salvation preparation and presentation
10. Guiding the Child to the Savior (Counseling for Salvation)
11. Bible Lesson Preparation and Presentation
12. Life Changing Evangelistic Bible Lesson Preparation & Presentation
13. Good News Club / S/s / PPI Program Demonstration.

Conference Outcome

1. 17 participants equipped effectively to train children in their churches and evangelize children in the community to attend the church.
2. There were group discussion and representation from the group to tell other groups for what they have founded during the discussion.
3. The participants were given handout during conference and some materials that they will use in their churches.
4. Teacher’s training assignments show positive learning outcomes.
5. Participants where very happy, because of the refreshment conference which designated again to take place here in Juba.

Progressives and Challenges

1. The participants’ punctuality had made in the conference moved smoothly.
2. There was no participant fill sick during the conference and we thank God for the protection and healthy.
3. The conference venue it was absolutely standard.
4. Food was delicious and participants were satisfactory.
5. The participants were Participatory or there was effective interaction between participants and facilitators.
6. Facilitators were prepared and representation of topics were excellent.
7. Church leaders are appreciated BFC for supporting churches in term of training and equipping spiritual leaders to be effective and sufficient in their ministries.


1. The bus fares were not enough for the participants.
2. Some participants were knowing only Arabic and were not influent in English.
3. Some participants were living in suburb of Juba and some arrived a little bit late due distance.
4. COVID-19 restrictions as affected churches in South Sudan in term of income and pastors need little support to their families.


Braman Foundation of Charities –South Sudan need a small office tocoordinate it activities in the capital city Juba
2. Coordinator need incentives for facilitating activities in Juba
3. We need laptop computer and printer for BFC –South Sudan.
4. Youth evangelism conference,
5. Women mission and evangelism conference,
6. Church leaders’ discipleship conference
7. holistic ministry for supporting vulnerable from population in our churches.
Training Sunday school teachers in ten states of South Sudan.

The facilitators were:

1. Mr. Sekwat Cosmas – CEF Director of education and literature in Juba branch.
2. Mr. Sebit Tombe – CEF Acting Director in Juba.


Generally, the training was a successfully as the trainees were expressed enthusiasm for the work of Christ in children ministry. It is our hope and prayer that they effectively implement the knowledge and tools to the benefit of children in their local churches. Also we appreciated our brother Peter for loving South Sudanese peoples to support the conference financially and morally.

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