Mission Work Conferences

NAFI Conference: 2020

Created in November of 2017, the National Alliance Fellowship of India (NAFI) works to develop partnerships with all Alliance related ministries in India by exploring ways to make united efforts to strengthen and advance the work of the Lord. NAFI works to strengthen efforts in transforming communities by teaching and sharing the knowledge of the gospel.

BFC and Asapalli are Strategic Alliance AWF members and will be used to help organize the C&MA Synods throughout India. There are approximately 50 C&MA churches throughout India. The Strategic Alliance that BFC has with LRI and CEF will be used along with Asapalli’s Children Programs.

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IMG 20190528 091407202
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IMG 20190528 091546782
IMG 20190528 091604261
IMG 20190528 121321319
IMG 20190528 121330420
IMG 20190528 121354550
IMG 20190528 121357484
IMG 20190528 121409540
IMG 20190528 121422150
IMG 20190529 091239731
IMG 20190529 091254931
IMG 20190529 091304529
IMG 20190529 123838377
IMG 20190529 123841320
IMG 20190529 123853177
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IMG 20190529 123857956
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