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Mission Work

Children's Ministry

The Braman Foundation supports all VBS and all children’s ministry throughout its work. All children are so vital to the Lord’s Kingdom.

In addition, we spread the love of Christ through the bracelet ministry and the Pen Pal Program. Children communicate with one another in the Spirit of the Lord.

We thank Lena’s Adult Day Care of South Glens Falls NY, for meeting the "WEST to the EAST", "THE YOUNG to the Elderly".

At Lena’s the folks have a labor of love. They share their love of making Bracelets for our young friends in Africa and India. We thank you folks at Lena and recognize that God is at work in your lives. A labor of love God Bless you!

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

Children's Ministry

Child Sponsorship

Children's Ministry

Pen Pal Program

Children's Ministry

The Braman Foundation of Charities

Serving others through Community Programs, Prison Ministry And Helping Children through Missions.