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Mission Work

Elderly Care Program

The Braman Foundation, through its missions work and Eve Otieno’s family in Kenya feel moved to help with some elderly folks in the Migori region of Kenya. We are stretching our faith as we move forward to serve the Lord’s people in this region.

BFC is implementing an elderly feeding program in Uriri District, Migori County, Kenya. The program started in 2020 and has so far identified five (2 female and 3 males) poor elderly persons who have little or no family support. Four of these elderly persons depend entirely on well-wishers for sustenance as they have no income or known family to support them.

Putting food on the tables of these people not only provides them with proper nutrition so that they can enjoy their years on earth in good health but also fulfills the scripture in Matthew 25:35 “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink…” This program also seeks to share the word of God with the 5 beneficiaries. Sharing the word of God with the elderly is an important part of their spiritual development so that, even in their advanced age, they will seek the Lord always and share the good news of the gospel.

The ages of the five beneficiaries of the program range from approximately 80 years to 102 years. A good number of the elderly persons in rural Kenya do not know their accurate birth date and only depend on approximations based on seasons or events that took place around their birth dates, therefore, approximations have + or - 2 years.

Uriri is a rural district in the larger Migori County which is located in the Southwest part of Kenya. The county shares a land border with Tanzania and a water border with Uganda within Lake Victoria. The majority of Uriri residents practice subsistence farming and more than half of the population lives below the poverty line.

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