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Mission Work

India | The Christian and Missionary Alliance Church

The Alliance

When Alliance founder A. B. Simpson left a lucrative pastorate in New York City, he had a call from God to reach the lost masses both in New York and around the world.

The Christian is not obedient unless he is doing all in his power to send the Gospel to the heathen world.
— A. B. Simpson

The graceful dress of the Hindu woman is fastened upon her person by means of a single knot. The long strip of cloth is wound around her so that it falls in soft folds like a ready-made garment. The end, however, is fastened by a little knot, and the whole thing hangs by that single fastening.

So it is in the spiritual life; our habits of grace can be compared to garments. It is also true that the garment of love, which is the beautiful adorning of the child of God, is entirely fastened by little nots of love.
— A. B. Simpson

A. B. Simpson
Founder of C&MA Church

Deep inside every man there is a private sanctum where dwells the mysterious essence of his being. This far-in reality is that in the man which is what it is of itself without reference to any other part of the man's complex nature. It is the man's "I Am," a gift from the I AM who created him.

The truth that we are made in His image is in every man, woman and child.

A. W. Tozer
C&MA Church Pastor

  • Ministry of Gujarat Synod

    City of Ahmedabad | State of Gujarat

    Place of Ministry: Agavada
    Population: 8000 People
    Group: Bhill Tribe and Katara Tribe
    Name of a Missionary: Kadu Bhai
    Our Vision is to reach 8000 people through the existing Church

    Impact of the Church

    Children ministry
    Women ministry
    Youth ministry
    Disciple Making ministry
    Sending a student for Theological Studies

    New Building of Grace Alliance Church | Opening June 2019

  • Maharashtra City Synod

    City of Ahmedabad | State of Maharashtra

    There are more than 6000 members of Alliance in Gujarat. There are 8 Churches located in the city area, 5 churches in towns and the remaining 11 Churches are in rural area. We are pleased to inform you that all the churches are doing good and functioning well.

    You might be away that in Gujarat, the salaries to the pastors are paid by the Gujarat Synod. The income of the Gujarat Synod is based on the membership fees paid by the local churches to the Gujarat Synod. Although the budget was tight, the Gujarat Synod took an important decision of raising the salaries of the pastors to almost 30%. In order to raise the needed funds to match the increase in the budget, the Gujarat Synod leaders met the local church leaders who agreed to give more funds to the Gujarat Synod. The present committee also fully paid the unpaid salaries of past many month to the pastors recently.

    At present we have 18 full-time committed pastors (10 ordained Pastors, 6 Evangelist, and two pastors are retired but still providing their services). Two young men are studying in Methodist Bible College in Gujarat and one young pastor has just to Union Biblical Seminary - Pune for Bachelor of Divinity studies. We are encouraging more and more young people to join for the pastoral ministry as we see that many of our ordained pastors will be retiring in few years time. Please pray that God will raise younger generation to commit their lives to serve the Lord through the C&MA Gujarat.

    Ahmedabad District

    1. The Simpson Memorial Church, Ahmedabad City
    2. Bethel Alliance Church, Ahmedabad City
    3. Beulah Alliance Church, Ahmedabad City
    4. Alliance Church Sionnagar, Ahmedabad City
    5. Sharon Alliance Church, Ahmedabad City
    6. Alliance Church, Shatipur Village
    7. Sion Alliance Church, Ashapur Village
    8. Elohim Alliance Church, Gandhinagar City
    9. S. Paul Memorial Church, Gamdi Village
    10. Alliance Church Dholka, Dholka Town
    11. Beersheba Alliance Church, Ahmedabad City
    12. Bethlehem Alliance Church , Vatva Town
    13. Christ Church of Palanpur, Palanpur City
    14. Alliance Church Viramgam, Viragam Town

    Kheda Church Council

    15. Alliance Church Aklacha, Aklacha Village
    16. Emmanuel Alliance Church, Kheda Camp Town
    17. Alliance Church Mahemadavad Town
    18. Rev. Hamilton Alliance Church, Anandapur Village
    19. Alliance ChurchVasna Buzerg, vasna Buzerg Village
    20. Rev. Turnbull Alliance Church, Hebron Village
    21. Alliance Church Alindra, Alindra Village
    22. Alliance Church Mahij, Mahij Village
    23. Carmel Alliance Church, Karoli Village
    24. Alliance Church Dharoda, Dharoda Village
  • Sonnarpur Kolkata

    City of Kolkata | State of West Bengal

    The vision of cross culture is to break the cycle of oppression empower people to lead a life of dignity. Transforming lives through sports.

    Freedom Centre

    This is an exciting part of the Cross Culture family. The Freedom Centre is a multi-purpose facility that exists to make opportunities where there were none before.

    At best, many of the people in Kolkata don’t have the chance to learn a new skill or develop a new career. That’s where the Freedom Centre can make a difference. It aims to provide a place under one roof where people from all underprivileged communities can come together to learn a new skill, develop a career, or simply be part of a team.

    Part of the Freedom Centre is providing skills such as a beautician course or computer training. By learning these essential skills, young men and women can create better opportunities to have a good career. Another arm of the Freedom Centre is running occasional medical camps, where people can receive basic medical attention and learn basic hygiene and prevention against the scourges found in the slums of this city.

    A crucial arm of the Freedom Centre is the football training we hold. Young boys can find a place to get off the streets and participate in a sport they love. They also can develop good football skills while learning to play as a team. The Cross Culture team can use this football training as a way to impart life skills and teaching good social attributes to help these young men grow and flourish into productive members of society.

  • Alliance Church Jalgaon Maharashtra

    City of Jalgaon | State of Maharashtra

    In 1899 the Alliance work started in Maharashtra and the main office was situated at Akola.

    In 1925 Jalgaon Alliance work was started.

    Dr.Wlliam Schelander was the first missionary for Jalgaon mission work.

    Present Ministries of the Church

    From 2010 Rev Shashikant Valvi is serving as a pastor in this Church.

    Nearabout 35 to 40 new believers are coming to the Church.

    We have two Prayer Fellowships connected to the Church. For this purpose we formed Adult Literacy and Child Development.

    • Computer Lab
    • Had a partnership with mission India for one year Bible College

    Population of Jalgaon City

    Religion Percentage in Jalgaon City

  • Maharashtra Bible College

    City of Akola | State of Maharashtra

    The purpose of the mission to Maharashtra by Maharashtrian is to motivate them to reach out to the Marathi people, churches, organizations and individuals in order to actively involve and participate in the process of going, preaching, baptaizing planting, establishing discipeling and multiplying work of the church.

    Historical Background

    Formation of Young Men’s Bible School was the direct result of the Revival which spread in 1905-06 across India. As it is known to everyone the great revival which spread all over India including Maharashtra and specially the Alliance area.

    Maharashtra Bible College was founded in 1907 at Akola as Young Men’s Bible School, in the same year Christian Eicher bought 11 acres of land in Nargaon Bodwad and shifted this young Men’s Bible school to new location, 155 km westward from Akola.

    The Christian and Missionary Alliance’s was in forefront in Evangelism and Church Planting. They felt the need of Indigenous Missionaries to sustain the Church growth and needed more evangelist and Pastors, not only for their own mission but also for other Missions or Denomination which were partners in Missions (Swidish Alliance; The Evangelical Alliance Mission, Free Methodist, Baptist, Norvegian Free Evangelical Mission, etc.).

    Therefore, MBC (C&MA) has played the major role in the spirituality of Maharashtrian Churches.

  • Alliance Nanhi Duniya School

    City of Darbhanga | State of Bihar

    Nanhi Duniya is a unique movement in the field of meaningful education .It is an effort to bring revolutionary changes in the concept of holistic approach to learning in order to develop an all-round personality.

    We recognize that all aspects of a child's development are interwoven, and hence our programmes foster intellectual, physical, lingual, social, emotional, and creative growth in an atmosphere nurtured by love and care.

    The school’s mission is to help students discover their talents, develop skills needed for success in future studies and establish values that will allow them to act with thoughtfulness in society. We help the parents in improving their parenting skills for a better parenting experience.

    The school offers multiple facilities such as sand, play, learning corners, child sized washrooms and equipment and an in-house kitchen. We ensure the highest quality at all our centres through rigorous trainings for teachers.

    There are 6 branches running very successfully:

    • One branch in Noida
    • Four branches in Darbhanga
    • One branch in Madhubani
  • C&MA Northern India

    To establish Alliance House Fellowship in each village and city of North India.

    The goals for C&MA in India is to plant 100, then 1,000, and then 100,000 House Fellowships in the coming eras.


    1. Prayerfully Leading by H/S
    It’s the base of success throughout the whole mission history.

    2. Teaching & Trainings
    Needs to be raised new leadership, multiply it and follow up of all staff and field workers, pastors, evanglists, etc through Alliance Leadership School, seminars, conferences, etc.

    3. Networking & Suporting
    Building network among internation and national churches through sharing field report and raiing resources and resource person(s) to support the mission needs in whole North India.

    4. Social Concerns
    Community health projects and school have to be established as a bridge for gospel and people of different societies.

  • C&MA Zending Church Planting

    At C&MA Mission it's all about Christ. We want people to experience Christ in all ways He can be known. Through His sacrifice on the cross, Jesus Christ is our Savior. He is our Sanctifier and heals us according to body, soul and spirit. He is our coming King who is building God's Kingdom on earth. We live to the honor of God and in dependence on Jesus.

    "A congregation among every people"

    C&MA Mission wants to make followers of Jesus among all population groups and bring them together in missionary congregations.

    We believe that every person must have the opportunity to get to know Jesus. The greatest need, poverty, injustice and persecution is that not everyone gets this opportunity. C&MA Mission helps people out of need by founding local congregations among every people. These churches make Christ known to their peers.

    The quality of C&MA Mission is first and foremost demonstrated by the workers in the field. We want to be known for the high quality of mission workers, supported by a solid home front. In addition, we pursue a sound financial policy, work with expert staff, we are focused on long-term deployment, we have a thorough application process for mission workers and we offer comprehensive aftercare.