The Mission Travel Program

Asapalli School

Introducing the Travel Mission at Asapalli

The Exclusive BFC Mission Travel Program Bungalow was dedicated at the Asapali School for the volunteers who visit as part of the BFC Mission Programs.

Volunteers who visit the school are invited to stay in the bungalow, which includes a Built-in Kitchen, 2 comfortable bedrooms, private bathroom with runniung water, common room for relaxing, all centrally located on the exlusive private 11 acre Village of Hope Property.

The BFC Mission Program is currently looking for Teachers, Medical Staff, Dentists and other educators to come volunteer for a mission at the school.

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

Come to the Asapalli School in June & September as part of the Vacation Bible School.

Contact Program Director Charmaine Long for details.

Travel Mission Programs at Asapalli

75th Jubilee at Asapali

Join the BFC for the 75th Jubilee and stay at the new BFC Bungalow. Help celebrate the 75 years of accomplishments the Asapalli School has made on the children and community of the region.

Contact Charmaine Long for Details.

Travel Mission Program Guide

The following information pertains to a typical mission trip to Asapalli, India.

The exact dates are determined based on volunteer schedules and availability.

A typical trip lasts about 12 days, with the purpose of of bringing volunteers to the Asapalli school.

Estimated Trip Costs: $1,850

Contact BFC Operations Director Charmaine Long for more details to to submit your application.

Once you secure your travel visa and passport, make sure you fill out and submit your BFC Application with your non-refundable $100 deposit.

Things to remember...

A nonrefundable deposit of $100 is due with application. $1,000 is due within 30 days. The balance of $750 is due 60 days before departure. This includes airfare from New York and accommodations while in India, but does not include passport/visa expenses.

Passport and Visa

(Not Included)
You will need a passport stamped with a temporary visa. You can apply for a visa online. When filling out your visa application online, use the following information:

  • Specify reason for Entry:
    Visiting Friends
  • Proposed Date of Entry:
    December 5th to the 12th
  • Duration of Stay:
    12 days

Full Names and Addresses of places to be visited in India.

Make a copy of the main page of your passport and keep separately in case your passport is lost or stolen.


Safety during our trips is a top priority. Team members will always travel with another team member.

Phone Service

There is no phone service available.

Internet Service

There is no Wifi available. Asapalli has internet that you may use.

Electric Appliances / Computers

You will need an Indian adaptor for all your electronics.

Meals / Housing Expenses

All meals and housing are included. Please notify us if you have any allergies.

Shower & Toilet

You will have these accommodations available to you in your apartment.

Personal Items

Be careful not to bring any valuable items.

Recommended to bring;

Kleenex tissues (small packets), hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, suntan lotion, sun hat, bug spray (must be travel size if packed in your carry-on bag), ear plugs, small flash light, towel, anti-bacterial cream. Snacks, power bars are good to have.


One carry-on up to 26 lbs (a back pack is great as it allows you to pull 2 suit cases). Two checked in cases 50 lbs each (we ask that you carry books and other items for the school/children where you have room, usually one suitcase).

If possible your second suitcase should be small enough to fit inside your big suitcase to reduce the amount of luggage needing to be transported.

Clothing and Laundry

They will wash our clothes or you can try it yourself, all you need is your bar of soap and you can use the shower basin they provide.

Bring enough clothes for 5 days. Try to stay with light colors as dark colors fade when they dry in the hot sun.

Clothing should be light weight and able to dry quickly as it will be washed by hand and left to dry on the bushes. Try to bring items that don’t wrinkle easily. Weather is 75-85f during the day and 55-65f at night. A sheet or light blanket will keep you warm at night (provided).

Sneakers, sandals or shoes.

Indian’s dress modestly so we want to respect their culture in the way we dress.

Men: Shirts must be worn at all times. T-shirts to dress shirts are acceptable (avoid any t-shirt logos that may be offensive). Indian teachers wear dress/polo shirts and dress pants.

It seems to be acceptable for us to wear shorts (to the knee) and a clean shirt.

Ladies: 95% of Indian ladies wear dresses that come below the knee so we ask that all ladies wear shorts, Bermuda shorts or skirts that come to the knee. Short sleeve shirts are fine, no tank tops or spaghetti straps (shoulders should be covered).

Cautions and Do Not's

  • Do not eat raw food or drink any water unless purchased sealed (bottled water will be provided).
  • Do not ask for ice or drink anything with ice in it.
  • Do not brush teeth with water from the faucet. Use bottled water.
  • Do not enter streams, rivers, or lakes.
  • Do not leave the group without permission.
  • Do not pet dogs or any other animals.

Spending Money

You may want to buy some souvenirs when you are there. You can exchange $20, $50 and $100 bills that are in very good condition (no folds, tears or writing) and were printed from 2006 on.

Any American money printed prior to 2006 will not be accepted due to excessive amounts of forgery.

Daily Schedule

Schedules do not generally exist in India so we plan our days loosely always ready to go with the flow.

This generally means what we wanted to do today may happen tomorrow instead or not at all. There are also times when we have to be ready at a moment’s notice to do what was planned for tomorrow in the next 30 minutes.

Please do not make any individual plans to leave the group location or miss a meal without permission from team leader. An agenda will be provided.

What to prepare?

To help the students get to know you quickly, we are asking you to put together a power point (5-10 pictures) or a video presentation that you can use to show to a class that will tell your story. We may put you in pairs in the classrooms.

Include your family back ground. What you are doing in school, recreation, sports, employment. Why you wanted to come to Asapalli.

Every day you will spend time in the classrooms with the students. You will be asked to prepare in advance some subjects that match what they are already learning. They have a Christian Education course that you can also teach. You can also use some of the apps that are on the iPad to teach a class.

On the weekend you will be at the school to spend time with the boarding students getting to know them, playing with them, soccer & volley ball etc. Teach computer skills.

Send Your Deposit Now.

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