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Prison Ministry

Behind the Walls

The Prison Minstry provides materials and programs that will develop trust and relationship through the teachings of the Lord to prepare them to return to society with a strong faith-based foundation.

Behind the Walls In 1985, Braman began to witness his recovery from addiction in the New York State Correctional Facilities. Braman has presented programs since that time in many facilities including: Greenhaven, Fishkill, Downstate, Summit, and several local and county jails. It is a thorough program using the 12 step method of recovery, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Meditation techniques as well as a program for dealing with violent behavior. In addition, our program helps to provide clarification concerning the negative learned behavior that unfortunately comes out of some families.

If you are a correctional facilities administrator please contact us to schedule a convenient time when we can meet to discuss the program.

If you are an inmate please contact your counselor to request a copy of our free booklet. There is no need to continue to live in a manner that does not contribute to the well being of yourself and society.

Write, call, fax, or email us.

May your lives be blessed as you seek greater heights of awareness. Peace to you.