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Prison Ministry

Life Line

The Life-Line is a continuation of Braman Foundation of Charities. This program, when instituted, will enable any individual being released from a facility the opportunity to be united with a home church and a contact person in their home area. In addition, we will offer a mentoring program.

An inmate's most vulnerable time, whether they know this or not, is when they are released from incarceration. Months and years, depending on one's sentencing of forced incarceration are now dissolved. An individual is now "FREE", or at least they may think they are free; however, New York state statistics show that out of approximately every 100 inmates that are released, 78 come back into the prison system in some form. What can be done for the individual who wishes to change? The individual must truly have a change of heart. We can extend our hand!

We believe the most critical even for the individual being released from captivity is the first 24-48 hours after their release. Our Life-Line Ministry is designed to help eliminate the lure of temptation to backslide. If an individual so desires, we will help them find a home church and a friend or mentor upon their release.

This is a "grass roots" effort. The request obviously must be generated from the individual while they are still incarcerated. They are given a Request for Pre-Release Contact Form. They turn the form into the counselor's office at the facility. At that time, the prison will contact our ministry. We will then contact a church in their home neighborhood. Finally, we will give the information to the individual several days before they are released.